09/20/2018 Theology on Tap : The devil made me do it.

Time: September 20th, 2018 @ 7:00PM.

Location: Blu’s BBQ and Burgers
612 N Robinson Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

This month we have Dr. Alex Schimpf the director of Marriage & Family Life speaking on discernment!

“St. Thomas Aquinas is known for careful distinctions, not wild statements. Nevertheless, Aquinas’s brief treatment of what people now call “discernment of a religious vocation” can sound almost reckless in its enthusiasm. When it comes to the question of whether one should enter religious life, he says that long deliberation and the counsel of many people are not required! He even dismisses the question of whether the devil could trick someone into religious life: “this would be a good work, and fitting to the good angels.” In short, his attitude seems to be, “Stop discerning already, and just do it!” My talk will look at what motivates St. Thomas to give this uncharacteristically straightforward judgment, and then discuss to what broader lessons we might be able to draw from it for the discernment of other vocations such as the priesthood or the married life.” -Alex Schimpf-

Join us for fellowship, learning, food, and drink!

As always, there will be adoration available from 12pm (Thursday) to 12pm (Friday) at St. Josephs Old Cathedral (just a mile or so from Fassler)! If you are interested, please contact Dominic Hoang (405-204-1012) or Leah Cote (949-923-9018) for the door code to the church. We would like to encourage you to adore and pray.