06/16/2016 Theology on Tap!

Time: June 16th, 2016 @ 7PM.

Location: Blu’s BBQ and Burgers
612 N Robinson Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

Or I guess I should say, what’s this month’s Theology on Tap topic?

The Seven Deadly Sins: What are they? Why are they deadly? Why are there seven of them? How deadly are they?

I was always under the impression that the sins were like…deadly. Like God would strike us down if we ever committed one. But then I reviewed my morning: I ate an extra doughnut for breakfast (gluttony), I checked Facebook to see how many Likes my post had gotten since last night (3)(pride), I turned down an offer on a car I had for sale (greed), I sat on my couch in my bathrobe until 11:30 (sloth), I realized how attractive Rachael Ray is (cooking is just SO HOT)(lust), then I got mad when I realized Rachael Ray was already married (wrath), and then I really envied her husband because he probably gets SO many good meals.

Anddddd that’s when I realized I should probably go to confession tomorrow.

Father William Novak from St. Francis of Assisi parish will be teaching us a little more about these sins and the virtues we can live out in our lives to counter them.

So if you want to learn more about how you can avoid going to hell, come on out to Theology on Tap this Thursday! There will be food, fun, fellowship, and beer! And I’m really sorry, but you guys are going to be limited to only 3 deadly sins while attending this event–Archdiocese policy–so even though the food at Blu’s BBQ is DELICIOUS, you can’t over eat.

In the meantime, please pray for my soul in case I get hit by a car before I can make it to confession.

PS- if you know what’s in the box, please don’t tell anyone because it will ruin the whole movie for them. If you haven’t seen the movie Se7en, you and I need to get together and watch it because it is the best movie ever written.


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