10/29/15 CYA Pumpkin Carving Spooktacular Event

Here are the event details copied from our Facebook Event posting!

Event time:10/29/15 7pm
Location: 7408 NW 83rd Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Do you ever have the urge to poke, prod, and cut things but can never find the perfect opportunity? Well here is your chance at the first annual CYA PUMPKIN CARVING PARTY!!!

I, Tyler Lofgren, will be hosting it at my warehouse so there will be PLENTY of room for everyone…unless you all each bring a 400-lb. pumpkin, in which case I may only be able to accommodate about 10-15 of you. You should come even if you’re not in to carving pumpkins because I mopped my floor for the first time in 4 years and I’m really proud of it. You should SEE IT! There’s also a rumor that someone is even bringing their projector to show a movie. So there’s that too. Maybe

I’m really poor, so I can’t supply you with food, drinks, pumpkins, or carving tools. I have water and SOME tools, but you should probably just bring your own. ALDI (the weird European grocery store chain which just happens to be a few thousand feet from my office) has pumpkins on sale for only $2.50! And if you aren’t one of those weird people that likes to poke, prod, and cut things, feel free to paint your pumpkin too! I would love you forever if you did that since I actually have to come to work the next day and don’t really want to smell pumpkin.

Feel free to bring whatever you want to eat or drink as well. Unless you’re under 21. Then I will take your alcohol and throw it in the drainage ditch outside.

If you want to bring a table and chairs, that’s cool too, but since I MOPPED THE FLOOR you can also sit there. And my garage is heated, so if we have a cold snap on Thursday, it will be warm inside.

People tell me my place is a little difficult to find (even though I have NEVER gotten lost), so GOOGLE MAP IT: 7408 N.W. 83rd Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73132.

And feel free to call or text me if you get lost: (405) 474-3672

Hope to see you ALL there


10/17/15 CYA Hiking Trip

The fall season is here and the leaves are falling. The air is beginning
to get crisp and cool. I can’t think of a better time to go hiking! We
will hike at Lake Arcadia (just East of Edmond). It will be a great time
to learn more about each other and enjoy God’s creation.

We will meet up somewhere central in OKC and carpool to the trails. The
idea is to bring your own lunch/snacks and start out the morning hiking
until we feel it’s a good time to eat. After lunch we can hike further
and see where the trails take us.

This is considered to be a beginner’s hike for all abilities. The cost
would be very minimal with gas contribution and entry fee being a total
of less than $10 per person. Please email Dominic Hoang
(dhoangft@yahoo.com) so that we have an idea of who is planning to
attend and how to plan the carpooling. Dominic will reach out to each
person who is interested with more details and where we will carpool
from. Hope you can join!

10/15/2015 Theology on Tap

PURGATORY: it’s more than just a ski resort in Colorado.

How sinful do I have to be go to hell? What if I don’t get all my sins confessed before I die? Will I get bored in Purgatory, or do they have TV there? If they don’t have TV there, how do I GET OUT?

Fr. Don Wolf from St. Eugene’s parish will be speaking to us about this topic Thursday, so come out and have some BBQ and beer with us and find out how awesome (or not) Purgatory can be!

Location: Blu’s BBQ and Burger- 612 N. Robinson, Oklahoma City, OK 73102. (southeast corner of NW 6th & Robinson, directly across the street from the OKC Memorial Museum.)

blus bbq

10/08/15 Fassler Hall CYA Social!

Hope everyone has been great! It has felt what seems like forever since we have had our monthly social at Fassler Hall! That being said, come on out and enjoy some quality time, food, and drinks with new and old faces! Hope you can make it!

Time: October 8th at 7pm.

Fassler Hall
421 NW 10th St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

fassler 10 8 15

10/01/15 Young Adult Prayer Night

Hey everyone! It’s almost the first Thursday of the month again, and that means Prayer Night! I hope you all can join us in a time for fellowship, reflection, prayer and adoration!

Time: Thursday, October 1st at 7pm.

St. Andrews Catholic Church
800 NW 5th St.
Moore, OK 73160

prayer pic 10115